Saturday, September 5, 2015

Amana Fresh Paint Plein Air

Friday I participated in Amana, Iowa's Fresh Paint plein air event. I started with Lily Lake. The 170 acre lake has thousands of American lotus lilies. The lake was formed around 1880 when a break in the Mill Race levee flooded a low slough. There were several artists painting the lake. Everyone a different interpretation. In trying to paint this I am in awe of Thomas Moran's ability to capture beautiful wide vistas.

I went around to the other side of the lake looking for a different view when I heard rushing water. It was coming from the other side of Mill Race Creek. I walked to the closest bicycle bridge, then over a cattle grate and through some standing water to find this scene. It was worth the walk. I went back with Jessica and we hauled our easels down the long dirt road and set up painting.  I don't mind walking a ways for a good scene. I have climbed 98 steps, I know because I counted them. only to find that the scene I had hoped for was obstructed by the tops of trees. I painted anyway and that painting was as disappointing as the view.

I asked a fellow painter, John Preston how to make this read sunlight more and I took his advice which was spot on. He comments in his blog about how everyone is supportive and helpful of the others at this event. When the winner is announced they may have to make a speech thanking the artists who contributed toward their success.
9" x 12" oil on canvas


  1. Lovely work, Carlene. I like the soft pastel colors that your use.

  2. You create AMAZING work Carlene! You inspire me to paint..... no matter what. Thank you!