Monday, September 28, 2015

Volunteer Portrait

This volunteer was from the Hospital auxiliary. I am still not finished with the portrait. When I post it I see things I want to change. I know when the exhibit is held I will still want to take some of them home and fix them.
11" x 14"

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Plein Air at the Orchard

This was originally a 14" x 11" shown above is the cropped version as a 10" x 8". 
oil on canvas panel.

Last year Jessica and I painted at Appleberry Orchard and again this year they graciously let us set up. The trees are heavily laden with apples right now, but I thinned them out.  I kind of think the apples on the ground look better than the ones on the tree. Maybe because I was not afraid to go dark with alizatrin crimson and ultramarine on the apples in the shade. Those in the light are painted with cad red and Naples yellow. 

I started with a burnt sienna and yellow ochre ground applied with Liquin. I then wiped it slightly and painted into this ground. I think this worked because I am painting mostly greens. The yellows I used were yellow ochre and Naples. I mixed the Ochre with Carribean Blue to make most of the greens. I also had Ultramarine blue, cad red light, alizarin, and white. The Naples yellow came in a set so I thought I would try it.
This is how it was painted plein air
 14" x 11" oil on canvas panel.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Magnolia without the blooms

Decided to crop this tree rather than paint the whole tree. After taking this home I noticed the horizon line is in the center. It's not like that can't work but is harder. I have seen it a lot in Winslow Homer's work.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Golden Hills of Louisiana plein air event

Saturday I participated in a plein air event in Louisiana, Missouri. This was my first time there and I was not familiar with local scenery. I drove around looking for something inspiring. This entailed driving through Riverview cemetery on one lane roads that included multiple turns on the steep hillside with rock retaining walls and no railings. I was told it was the view to die for. 

Although I chickened out and drove back down. John Preston painted an amazing scene. Also several others were rewarded with awe inspiring paintings. Jane Mudd did an amazing large painting, actually 2 large paintings. Which she won an award for and sold.

I did find a little park with a nice overlook that was somewhat obstructed by saplings on the hillside. I decided that my best view would be on the other side of the railing. After setting up my easel with an umbrella the wind picked up. That is when I moved to the roadside of the railing for fear that my easel would blow over the edge of the hill if I left it there. As soon as I went back to the car, it did. 

I just took off the umbrella and painted with the sun on my canvas. 

 After I finished two paintings there I drove around and found this scene back behind a wrought iron fence. I had a good time and really enjoyed the company of the other artists. I met a nice group of plein air painters from St. Louis, but forgot to exchange cards. I hope if they find my blog they would be so nice as to contact me.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Roses from the Park

These were painted plein air on a recent trip to the riverfront in Montrose. I started painting this plein but tweaked it later.
8" x 8" oil on panel

Monday, September 7, 2015

Mill Race Overflow Turbulence

This is the view from on top of the overflow looking down the stream. Mill Race creek is overflowing the banks to create this wonderful scene of rushing water. I painted this from another view plein air in a prior post. This location would be another go to place to plein air paint if I lived nearby.
12" x 6" oil on linen panel

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Shade Tree on a Hot Day

Another painting from the photos of the wagon horses. The horses in this view did not move much. Unlike cattle, horses will turn away, thus rear ends. Horses have great contours that contribute to a graceful look. Sometimes I can get so wrapped up in every curve when I really need to just find the right ones like you do when painting a landscape.
12" x 6" oil on linen canvas panel

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Amana Fresh Paint Plein Air

Friday I participated in Amana, Iowa's Fresh Paint plein air event. I started with Lily Lake. The 170 acre lake has thousands of American lotus lilies. The lake was formed around 1880 when a break in the Mill Race levee flooded a low slough. There were several artists painting the lake. Everyone a different interpretation. In trying to paint this I am in awe of Thomas Moran's ability to capture beautiful wide vistas.

I went around to the other side of the lake looking for a different view when I heard rushing water. It was coming from the other side of Mill Race Creek. I walked to the closest bicycle bridge, then over a cattle grate and through some standing water to find this scene. It was worth the walk. I went back with Jessica and we hauled our easels down the long dirt road and set up painting.  I don't mind walking a ways for a good scene. I have climbed 98 steps, I know because I counted them. only to find that the scene I had hoped for was obstructed by the tops of trees. I painted anyway and that painting was as disappointing as the view.

I asked a fellow painter, John Preston how to make this read sunlight more and I took his advice which was spot on. He comments in his blog about how everyone is supportive and helpful of the others at this event. When the winner is announced they may have to make a speech thanking the artists who contributed toward their success.
9" x 12" oil on canvas

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Looking Back

When taking pictures of cattle they stare at you, even when you are behind them.
10" x 8" oil on Raymar panel.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Heron Bend

This morning was a nice day to paint. This is Heron Bend Conservation Area located on the banks of the Mississippi. I am not sure what that green stuff is on the river I was told it is duckweed. It is an interesting bold green. Off in the distance is what is left of the Lotus. 
16" x 8" oil on canvas