Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Self Portrait at 39

Self Portrait at 39
I am cleaning house in my studio. I was flipping through some sketchbooks and found this. It had been so long ago I forgot about it. I had to ask my husband, "Who does this look like?" to be sure it looked like me. I haven't seen that face in a long time.

Old Brooder Shed
This is another sketch from my 1991 sketch book. This building may be one of my first plein air drawing,  The building is gone now but it used to be a chicken shed and later cleaned out for a playhouse. 

Location Unknown
I am not sure anymore where this scene is from. It did date my sketchbook by the signature. I really should date my sketchbooks.

The Pickup
I often sketched in ink to get over the eraser habit. You will notice the horse in the foreground has three front legs. Don't have time to fix it, just move on. The reference for this was a photo I took of the local rodeo. Back then they had an afternoon performance and I could take some decent photos.

I found an earlier sketchbook but declined to post the sketches. I started out copying comic books. One of my favorites was Vampirella. I don't remember the artist but my guess it was probably Frazetta. I wish I still had that comic book.

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