Sunday, October 4, 2015

Rabbits in the Garden

I took several rabbit photos and rearranged them to create this composition. This is the final for now. I created this 11" x 14" as a study for a 16" x 20" but that will have to wait. 

I gray scaled it to better see where it is weak. The background contrasts are too strong compared to the front where you want to pull the viewer into the composition. This is the top painting gray scaled after I made a few adjustments. 

This was the rough in. Notice the one rabbit on the left was deleted. After I stepped back I noticed the five on the top looked like a polka dot pattern, uniform and boring. I felt that taking him out also made the rabbit on the lower left stand out more. This was pushing myself to try something more complicated.
This was the Photoshopped image I was working from. The problem was right before my eyes but I did not see it til I was farther into the painting process. This seemed a little weak but I thought I could work it out in the painting,.. bad idea. I had a customer remark about my rabbit running paintings that she liked to see that in her garden, which is what prompted me to try this.
Still playing with this. I edited the current painting in Photoshop... will need a day or two to think about this. 

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