Sunday, July 5, 2015

Garden Tour

Today was the annual garden tour here in Fort Madison. This hosta bloom is one of the paintings I painted at the event. The garden tour gives the local artists a chance to paint at private residences with exceptional gardens. I have taken advantage of this event since the beginning. This event was my first time plein air painting when my friend Ruth Newberry encouraged me to participate. It was a huge daylily garden and the gardener was a retired engineer who now uses his skills to engineer new varieties of daylilies. I wish I could have created a painting so well that day as I think I have since thrown that painting away. I have learned a lot and have had fun doing it. I also learned about flowers, even though it does not show in my own landscaping.
6" x 8" oil on canvas

To see his creations click on Gerald Hobb's Daylily Garden

This is the second painting, a little more ambitious since it is 9" x 12". I took photos to tweak it later. 

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  1. Love them both - great greens. Great choices for paintings! We have a similar event in our community, but I've never had the courage to paint in that setting. Congrats to you!!