Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I wanted to paint the magnolias while they are in bloom yesterday. I just did not have much time, just enough to make a watercolor sketch. I did take photos for references and may try to get out there again today

This morning while my car was in the shop I sketched the cemetery across the road. I had originally thought I would sketch the auto mechanics but this scene intrigued me and it did not move much. I love the way the branches dip and weave though the scene. The bare trees are the best exercise for drawing interesting lines. Lines like edges need to vary to create interest. I learned that early on when drawing horses. My horses were often copies of Remington's or created out of my head rearing, bucking and running full out. The curves that change from short and sharp to long and wide keep the viewer following through the image breaking up the monotony. I have often thought that taking a calligraphy class would help your drawing skills. Repetition is also present in this scene with the shapes of the tombstones repeated in the houses. 

I pulled up one of the photos and did this small study. I added the ink lines when I felt the petals did stand out enough. Most of this scene was in shadow and I should have pushed the darks. 


  1. The movement and flow you captured in the top one is gorgeous.
    Love your sketch of the tree and the small study.

  2. Looking at your sketches is such a treat. Thank you, Carlene!