Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Skunk River Access

This was a good morning for painting. The temperature was cool and the sun was out. Yesterday I went down to shores of the Mississippi. Early this spring the water was past flood stage and when the waters receded they left behind dead branches. That is where I ended up painting because of the view of the lotus. I was standing in the mist of dead trees that attracted insects and ultimately leaving behind dead insects. It was smelly and my footing was unstable but it was a great view. One would think the painting would be great. I did not post it as it stunk also. Today the painting was a lot more successful.
6 x 8 oil on canvas

I worked on the painting after I got home. I took some liberties with the actual scene as you can see below. The water was very still but I added the slight waves.

I took this photo for reference. This is a little off to the side of the place where my easel was set up. I may take my plein air painting and the reference shot to create a larger piece. The painting is a better composition for the reflections are leading your eye back down to the rocks.

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