Saturday, April 21, 2012

Twins 2

I am still not over painting sheep. I liked these lambs but am not that excited about the background. I started a second painting since this is watercolor I am limited to what I can fix. Starting over again is my best bet. The lamb in the center does not seem to work, the ears were really like that and I am keeping that. The thing about watercolor on paper is I can crop it. This would probably work better with the lambs moved more to the left.
Watercolor on 140 lb. cold pressed Kilimajaro paper.

If I crop it like this the composition may work better. Photoshop makes it so much easier to decide how to crop.
Final size 6 x 4


  1. Carol, That is so funny. The things that you are not liking about this painting are the exact things that I liked! All in the eye of the beholder right? I think this is your best sheep painting. Keep them coming!

  2. I really like the crop! Besides the lamb close up, it creates captivating negative space.

  3. I like it cropped very much! Your sensitivity in capturing the "preciousness" of the lambs is wonderful.

  4. Ciao,
    I like these sheep because are sweet and I imagine are waiting for other friends...and are so undefended!
    Ciao, ciao, Floriana

  5. Your sheep are wonderful! I do like the cropped version... it's a little more interesting and unexpected composition. I just joined your blog and have enjoyed scrolling through old posts and seeing your work. Also, thank you so much for visiting and joining my brand new blog... it means a lot!

  6. So cute! Studying one subject definitely pays off. Hmm... I recently painted a raccoon, perhaps I should do more...
    Happy Painting.