Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I remember on the farm where I grew up there were hollyhocks growing on the side of the garage. There didn't last long, not sure why they died. They seem like pretty hardy plants. These are the Hollyhock growing on the side of our house and they have survived my lack of a green thumb.
6x8 Oil on Raymar panel.


  1. I like the composition and the gradually faded background, which focuses the eye onto the main flower. I used to live in Indiana and the house I lived in was surrounded by hollyhocks. In early summer they are draped with flowers and I always wanted to paint them -- then I moved to California, and they are almost nowhere to be found! I really regret not taking a lot of reference photos when I had the chance...

    To me hollyhocks are like mid west people -- not showy or flashy in any way, but beautiful and comforting in its presence. It's not a loud flower and by no means demand full attention of the viewer, but it makes your heart filled with sweetness when knowing they are there.

  2. Arena and Viviane, thank you for your comments.
    Arena I would miss the Hollyhocks if I moved out of Iowa. They are sort of a heritage flower. Growing up I remember almost everyone had them. They bring back memories.

  3. Gorgeous! Nice composition with the breathing room on the side and the lovely soft background.
    Happy Painting,

  4. Nice painting!! I just finished a hollyhock painting but haven't posted it yet. They're as hard to paint as they are to grow. Mine have always toppled. Love your background it this. This reminds me of a Jessie Willcox Smith painting.