Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Winter Anywhere

This scene could be anywhere. I remember advice I received from the late Wendell Mohr who said to tell the customer when they ask, "Where is this at?" say, "It's anywhere you want it to be." I sort of took his advice on another occasion, a collector stopped by my booth at an art fair looking at a farm scene and asked, "Where is this at?" Without thinking I said, "It's in Illinois." He replied that he only collects Iowa scenes. My reply was, " I think the cows came from Iowa." He laughed and bought the painting. 
6x6 inch oil on Gessoed Clayboard. $50 Buy

I know I signed up to follow some blogs but haven't had time to figure out where my shortcut to these are or how to list them. I am hoping to get that list on this site soon.


  1. That is so true - 'anywhere you want it to be' and as landscape painters we know that sometimes we have had to tweak that perfection in nature so it CAN be just about anywhere. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Checking your paintings our here, I love you heavy impasto look you leave with your brushwork! Nice!

  2. Funny story! Liked your "very fresh" Lincolns.