Saturday, March 12, 2011

Liberty Horse no.5 Arena Entrance

 This is another in my series of Liberty Horses. Above is the first painting and below is the rework.
Sometimes I will look at a painting an it just doesn't work. I remember the first time I saw an artist's demo, he had an exhibit of wonderful paintings, but the demo was not up to the standard of the artwork displayed. That is when I realized he didn't always keep everything. I still reject or rework paintings. This is one of them. I did not base this painting exactly on the photo but used it for reference and I did not do a thumbnail sketch or color study. After studyng it I decided it would work as the horses entering the arena. Most of these 6x6s are warm ups before I start a larger piece. I still want a successful finished piece.
6x6 Oil on Gessoed Clayboard.

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