Sunday, August 20, 2017

Nocturne painting

My nocturne sketch from the Mineral Point plein air event. I forgot to take a picture of the finished oil painting hope this sketch will do. The location was the entrance to the rental unit above the L and L Public House. One of the patrons from the tavern kept coming out for frequent cigarette breaks and would check my progress. Several of the patrons then came by to look and ask questions. One customer started telling me his complaints about the politics at work; I think that is the bartender's job. I welcome questions about my painting and enjoy promoting the event. One of the customers was a volunteer with the plein air event and told me to come on in after I finished painting and he would buy me a drink, which I took him up on. The place was sort of a "Cheers" kind of bar. They introduced me to Spotted Cow beer which is only available in Wisconsin. The owner of the establishment even bought the painting and encouraged me to come back and paint inside the bar. I may take him up on that next year. 
6" x 12" watercolor. Finished painting was a 6' x 12" oil on panel.


  1. Tom Gilbert and I had the same idea for next year too. I think it could add a whole new dimension to nocturne painting. You'd be a natural for doing this with all your portrait experience.

    1. It would be fun. To see some great bar scenes scroll on down on Nora Othic's page at the Daum museum