Monday, May 29, 2017

Barn commission???

This weekend I participated in the second annual Paint Van Buren County plein air competition. The weather was great and so were the paintings. The committee put together a nice event with community support in the way of sales. I thoroughly enjoyed the company of the other artists. I would encourage others to participate for a good time and camaraderie. If you are just learning; the more experienced artists are always helpful and supportive  A great group of friendly artists.
I was approached with a offer to paint this barn. I could not get it done in time for the competition so, after dropping off my paintings off, I went back to finish the scene, completely missing the awards ceremony. I did learn a little about the barn. Over a 150 years old built with wrought iron nails and hand sawn lumber. The missing boards were not the result of weather but thieves taking the siding. Next to the barn is a 200 year old burr oak. All very interesting, but was this a commission or just an offer to paint a scenic location? Haven't heard from the owner. This being the Midwest it could easily sell, so I am not worried.
16" x 8" oil on canvas panel.

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