Friday, July 1, 2016

Chasing the Light

This should be the final. Sometimes I don't know when to quit. Since this is due tomorrow then it is time to quit. I changed the sky with a little warm tones around the trees. I also mixed in darks with the lights near the top, hoping to give the appearance of the masses of stars. Darkened around the firefly she is chasing. Added a couple of fireflies in the grass and some more in the distance. Darkened the girls skin in the shadows. Although I suspect fireflies don't glow that bright I claim creative license. 

The local art center is having a themed exhibit titled, "It's a Bug's Life". I failed at photographing a dragonfly and a couple of other insects on a recent hike. With no other option, I pulled this together with a couple of photos of my granddaughter chasing a bird. Made up the night scene and the "fireflies". No one said they had to be anatomically correct.

When talking about painting people one of the artists complained that you can't sell your paintings from the life drawing class, so why bother. A lot of what I paint ends up just practice. When I try something out of my area of expertise, my failure rate is higher than usual. This one is oil and it did take some wiping off and fixing to get a natural feel. Even now I plan on waiting til it drys some to tweak it. 
11" x 14" oil on canvas on panel

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