Wednesday, June 22, 2016

When They Spot Me

This is the day to tweak my paintings. On this one the rabbit on the right looked too big in relation to the others. Still not sure. 

The rabbit on the lower left looks a little deformed in the face. Tweaked that and fixed the back. The original scene was just grass leading into the shadow. I just made up the landscape and had fun with it. I guess I just needed a break from reality.
12" x 9" oil on canvas panel


  1. Did you lighten the shadow under the two running? It makes them look a bit more airborne. Pretty subtle tweaks - it takes a real rabbit aficionado to see all the differences you mention.

    1. I might have a little. Part of my problem when taking images from different sources it getting them to work together on the same plane. I thought the rabbit in front looked too big. I made subtle changes around him to shrink him. I then changed the "sway backed" rabbit to the left of him by fixing the back. I added a little bit more to him. I really had a hard time with the little library animals. I finally said they will be what they will be and walked away. I see the murals like The Slavic Epic and wonder how Mucha did it. I think the rooster on the door is too big. Maybe no one will notice.