Wednesday, March 9, 2016

52 Faces final image

As the final image for the 52 Faces of Volunteerism I did a self portrait. I set up the lighting to show my wrinkles and imperfections. I originally wanted to paint like Lucien Freud but just could not pull it off. When I take a photo of myself I Photoshop the wrinkles out and wear a turtleneck (see photo at right).  I could tweak this some more but I procrastinated until yesterday and it needs to be turned in today. The Art Center had a lunch ala art which included a talk or demo from the monthly feature artist. I started this at that event and needed to finish it later. 
The show is going to Mount Pleasant Iowa on the Iowa Wesleyan University's art gallery in the PEO building for the next two weeks. The PEO building is located on North Main Street. 
11" x 14" oil on mdf board

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  1. Your expression looks like you're relieved to be done! What an amazing project...