Thursday, September 24, 2015

Plein Air at the Orchard

This was originally a 14" x 11" shown above is the cropped version as a 10" x 8". 
oil on canvas panel.

Last year Jessica and I painted at Appleberry Orchard and again this year they graciously let us set up. The trees are heavily laden with apples right now, but I thinned them out.  I kind of think the apples on the ground look better than the ones on the tree. Maybe because I was not afraid to go dark with alizatrin crimson and ultramarine on the apples in the shade. Those in the light are painted with cad red and Naples yellow. 

I started with a burnt sienna and yellow ochre ground applied with Liquin. I then wiped it slightly and painted into this ground. I think this worked because I am painting mostly greens. The yellows I used were yellow ochre and Naples. I mixed the Ochre with Carribean Blue to make most of the greens. I also had Ultramarine blue, cad red light, alizarin, and white. The Naples yellow came in a set so I thought I would try it.
This is how it was painted plein air
 14" x 11" oil on canvas panel.


  1. I like it the 10x8 cropping - perhaps because it draws attention to the fallen apples and the sunny grass. Wished I could have made it today.

    1. Thanks for the input, I was leaning that way myself. We'll keep you on the email list for next time.

  2. Beautiful tree. I love the way you painted and the colors are wonderful. Thanks for sharing the colors you used. Never tried
    Caribbean Blue so I like the results enough to get a tube.

    1. It is a lot like Pthalo and Dreama uses it. I may try Pthalo with Yellow Ochre to see if I get the same result.