Friday, February 27, 2015

Volunteer 7

This is after editing. I changed the eyes to work with what I had in the photos. Added the plaid shirt.

This was after the 2 hour painting session. I decided to use a horizontal format because of the cowboy hat. I took photos that I will use to refine the finished painting. Loved the cowboy hat. Obviously this is a volunteer from the local rodeo committee.
14" x 11" oil on panel.


  1. I like this painting very much. The man's face is handsome and expressive.

  2. Great job on this one Carlene. It was so much fun watching you paint and this guy was a real trooper. It was obvious he wasn't used to people "staring" at him, but he held his own. I'm so looking forward to seeing all your portraits together. What a challenge you've taken on. again.....Great Job!!!!!!!!!