Monday, December 31, 2012


This is Lucy our pet dachshund. My niece Tabitha originally got her from an older lady in the shopping center parking lot. Tabitha's children really liked her. The lady gave Tabitha the dog saying she barks at her cats. I suspect her grandchildren gave her the dog as a guard dog but she didn't really want a dog and she probably told her grandchildren the dog ran away. Lucy was not very well housebroken and my niece had little children and didn't have the time to train her, so she gave the dog to my son. We went to visit my son and give him his dog back and he gave us this dog after they chased her out from under nether the car. We finally got her housebroken and taught to respond to our commands. She is still kind of spoiled and thinks she owns the place.
6 x 6 oil on Raymar panel


  1. She does look as she feels majestic..and loved!
    Love the line you painted along that wonderful long nose and the eye is perfect!

  2. Glad Lucy has a good home - we love dachshunds - have a red one. Our black and tan died a few years ago..they are the neatest dogs and especially a 'full of quirky traits' breed - but ya gotta love em. Your portrait is wonderful. Found you on Leslie's blog list - looking forward to seeing all the great painting going on out there!