Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Starr's Cave Creek

This is one of the few spots on the creek where you can find running water.  Usually I will try to paint alla prima but on this one I painted the water beneath the waves first. When it was dry I painted the waves and tweaked some of the rocks. This was loosely based on the photo below using a lot of creative license.
I find these reference photos inspiring but too complicated for me to follow. I just enjoy the fun of creating my own waves and details.  I just have to trust my ability to capture the feel of water and rocks. I will probably use this reference again and create a totally different painting. Around here the water is mirky. We once took a trip to the Smoky Mountains and I remember the clear water. It would be fun to paint that, maybe next time I will take more pictures.
Starr's Cave Creek after a rain.
6 x 12 oil on masonite panel

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  1. You captured the movement of the water beautifully. Well done!