Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cedars at Rodeo Park

The spring weather has come and the parks are full of people again, not just the hardy ones. I took the dogs for a walk, I usually walk off the beaten path as I have a Staffordshire terrier (pit bull) which people tend to be afraid of, (she's a big sissy) left to me when the kid left home. I also have a dachound who was passed around till we ended up with her. She was originally given to my niece by an older woman in a discount store parking lot. We theorized that her grandchildren gave it to her to keep her company. She didn't like it because as she told my niece "It chased her cats". Cat people. She probably told the grandchildren that it ran away. My niece was too busy to keep on top of her housebreaking, so she talked my son into taking it. We went to visit my son to give him his dog back. He gave the dachound to us after chasing it down from under the car. We taught her, now "Lucy" to come when called and housebroke her, which took a while. I never bought a dog as we always end up with dogs that need homes, which is not a bad thing as we end up attached to them.
6x8 Oil on Raymar panel.

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