Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mattie Again

This is again from a photo of Mattie but I don't think I got the features correct. This was just a practice for anatomy of the face. I am just glad I didn't give her a crooked face.
6x8 Oil on Raymar panel.


  1. Is this Mattie from the campground? :)

  2. No, I took a picture of a little red haired girl but never got around to painting. I also did not get her name; she was maybe 8 and riding double with a lady maybe her mother. While I am painting people I may pull that one out and paint it.
    Wendell Mohr told the story that a customer once asked him,"Where is this scene?" His reply was, "It's anywhere you want it to be." If this looks like Mattie then it is.