Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kitty Kitty Kitty

My sister has several cats and last time I stopped by I took a photo. I admit I don't have much experience painting cats so this did take some editing. The original photo had them under the porch which was also edited out of the painting. I also experimented with the pallette knife on this one. Sometimes I need to paint out of my comfort zone.
6x6 Oil on Raymar panel.


  1. Love the effect Carlene!! The mixture of textures really works well with these cute cats.Its good to try something different,and I should do it more often too.

  2. Great kittens! You know there is a painting challenge blog that has 'paint your pet' as this weeks challenge! Check it out... I think this one could apply. You can add a link to your blog from there! I'll add it here but you may have to copy and paste...
    Happy Painting,
    Nora MacPhail

  3. Catching up with your blog. I like all your fall scenes but I love this one. Guess I just like cats! Great expressions on all 3.